Experienced High Quality, Cost Effective Freelance Legal Support when Needed


Kathleen Gilbertson, Esq. More than 25-years experience

Why Choose Kathleen Gilbertson as Your Support Attorney

By choosing Kathleen Gilbertson as  your go to freelance support attorney, you will have the benefit of an experienced, highly qualified professional on your team with the knowledge and ability to personalize  your projects to fit the individual needs of you and your clients on a case by  case basis.  Kathleen is  proactive in working with you to ensure that each project is specifically  tailored to you and your clients’ needs. 

Kathleen  has developed a unique practice  since 1994 providing support attorney services on a  project by project basis to firms of all sizes, including solo  practitioners.  She has a wide range of experience from simple contract disputes and minor automobile accidents, to multi-million dollar business disputes and tort claims. She has strong  organizational skills, is a self-starter, fast learner and is very dependable.  She has a very strong work ethic and is  committed to excellence.  Kathleen takes  pride in representing you and your clients well, providing exceptional customer  service to your firm, maintaining high standards and working as a valued member  of your team. 

Kathleen is always willing to work with you to ensure BKG,PC's services are economical and beneficial to both you and your clients.